04. 04. 24

Launch of corrosion protection range BergaGuard

Water-soluble corrosion inhibitors enhance the product range for the lubricant industry

Water-soluble corrosion inhibitors are essential in preventing corrosion in various industrial applications where metal components are exposed to water or water-mixed solutions. These inhibitors play a crucial role in protecting the integrity of metal parts, ensuring their longevity and efficiency. In water-mixed metal working fluids, corrosion inhibitors enhance the corrosion protection properties of the lubricants, extending the lifespan of machinery and equipment. In mold release baths, where components are tested for tightness, water-soluble corrosion inhibitors help prevent corrosion on metal surfaces, ensuring accurate and reliable test results. Moreover, in neutral detergent solutions, water-soluble corrosion inhibitors help prevent corrosion on metal surfaces during the cleaning process, maintaining the quality and performance of the detergent solution. 

BergaGuard Corrosion inhibitors form a protective layer on metal surfaces, acting as a barrier against corrosive elements in the surrounding liquids.

"The special feature of our new BergaGuard range is its high yield - the product has a strong effect even at low concentrations. In addition, we have placed particular emphasis on good biodegradability," says Thorben Podewils, Business Unit Manager Industrial Esters at Berg+Schmidt. "We have thus created a product range that fits perfectly into our portfolio: Holistic solutions paired with sustainability is the basis of our development work."

Corrosion inhibitors for longer service life and greater efficiency

BergaGuard corrosion inhibitors help to significantly extend the service life of metals such as steel, aluminum and copper. In addition, metalworking fluids with added corrosion inhibitors remain effective and efficient for longer, which is particularly advantageous in heavy-duty industrial applications. In terms of applications, BergaGuard can be used universally and can be added to many formulations. In the long term, the use of corrosion inhibitors saves money by preventing costly damage and ensuring the efficiency and reliability of systems. BergaGuard is available in three different product variants with concentrations of 50%, 65% and 85% triaminocaproic acid triazine. An arylsulfonamido carboxylic acid variant is also part oft he portfolio.

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