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We Opt for the Sustainable Alternative

Natural Base Oils for Environmentally Friendly Base Materials

Plant-based esters are used in lubricants for a variety of applications. They offer a number of advantages over mineral oils, which makes them an attractive alternative:

  1. Biodegradable:
    Particularly important when used in areas where there is a risk of leakage – and therefore a risk of environmental pollution. Measured according to OECD method 301, over 60 % is biodegradable.
  2. Made from Renewable Resources:
    In contrast to fossil resources, the use of sustainably grown plants can be continued in the long-term.
  3. Mild on the Body:
    Esters are often less irritating to the human skin and respiratory tract.
  4. Long Lifespan:
    Some esters are extremely stable, i.e. resistant to thermal and oxidative degradation as well as hydrolysis. This makes them suitable for high-temperature applications, e.g. in hydraulic systems or gears.
  5. LuSC-Listed:
    Our esters comply to the highest EU environmental standards. They meet all requirements for the use in lubricants certified with the EU Ecolabel (EEL).

All a Matter of Viscosity

Berg+Schmidt offers a wide range of lubricant esters with a variety of viscosities. Viscosity has a significant influence on performance and applicability. With BergaSurf 18:1-98 ME and BergaLub T-900, among others, we offer lubricants that are ideally suited for quick starts and stops due to their low viscosity. Our product BergaLub CPA 1000, by contrast, has a high viscosity and can thus tolerate higher loads and pressures.

Based on the individual requirements, it is important to select the appropriate raw components. With our expertise, we provide you with the support you need for your development processes.

Care Ingredients: Ihr professioneller Partner für Kosmetikrohstoffe. Performance Chemicals: Ihr leistungsstarker Partner im Bereich der Basis- und Spezialchemie.

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