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A New Era of Functionality: BergaCare AquaLipids

Berg+Schmidt presents BergaCare AquaLipids, where functionality and skin health benefits come together. The specially processed natural oils are dispersible in water, which facilitates their integration into a variety of cosmetic applications such as serums, fluids and emulsions. A high content of vitamins, antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids – this is what our AquaLipids stand for. Their easy handling makes it possible to improve existing formulations cost-efficiently without the need of chemical modifications or high concentrations of solvents. This ensures excellent skin compatibility and a comfortable sensation on the skin.

Something For Every Skin Type

BergaCare AquaLipids Cassis BR – with blackcurrant and rosehip seed oil – regulates sebum production, has an anti-inflammatory effect and is ideal for oily skin.

BergaCare AquaLipids Punica PS combines pomegranate seed oil and sea buckthorn oil to counteract mature skin with powerful antioxidants and skin-regenerating substances.

BergaCare AquaLipids Bisabolol AR, enriched with alpha-bisabolol from chamomile and rice bran oil, provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits for sensitive skin.

BergaCare AquaLipids Melon BK uses Kalahari melon oil and burnt jelly leaf juice to strengthen the skin barrier and support hydration and elasticity of dry skin.

Care Ingredients: Ihr professioneller Partner für Kosmetikrohstoffe. Performance Chemicals: Ihr leistungsstarker Partner im Bereich der Basis- und Spezialchemie.

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