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BergaCare FG Gel: the Innovative Oil Thickener

A new era of natural thickening of transparent oils: our BergaCare FG Gel. At this year's Cosmet'Agora in Paris, Berg+Schmidt presented a new solution for thickening transparent oils in leave-on and rinse-off products for the first time. The special benefit: the modifier can be processed cold, making it an indispensable solution in view of constantly rising energy costs.

One Benefit Rarely Comes Alone

BergaCare FG Gel has thixotropic properties. It can transform liquid oils into gel-like textures. This offers a wide range of application options – from transparent gels to light creams. In addition, the modifier is readily compatible with commonly used vegetable oils and emollients.

To ensure that BergaCare FG Gel forms a homogeneous mixture with the selected oil, a certain shear force is required in the manufacturing process. It is at the discretion of the formulator to decide which type of stirrer is used to generate this force. BergaCare FG Gel is compatible with numerous stirrers. You can find an application example here:

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More Information

Another key feature: the product allows the creation of gel-to-oil textures that remain on the skin without evaporating or running. This means that the thickened oil gels work exactly where they are supposed to and at the same time, provide a soothing experience for the senses.

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