01. 03. 24

Emulsifiers for a More Sustainable Cosmetics Industry

At a time in which sustainability is no longer just a trend, but rather a necessity, Berg+Schmidt presents its latest emulsifier: BergaMuls ET2. Consisting of plant-based raw materials such as oats, wood and guar gum, it supports an excellent skin sensation.

Ten years on, the next generation of fibre-based emulsifiers is here. We have used this time to optimise and further develop the thickening agent. It was particularly important to us that oil-free serum formulations or emulsion products, for example, are especially smooth and gentle on the skin.

BergaMuls ET2 is 2 in 1: an ideal O/W emulsifier and stabiliser at the same time. In contrast to conventional emulsifiers, the product is not esterified, does not exhibit any surface activity which makes it more gentle and less irritant for the skin. It can be cold-processed and doesn't any soaping. From refreshing cream gels to soothing lotions and thick creams, BergaMuls ET2 makes it possible to formulate products of all kinds.

Kristin Köhler, Head of Cosmetics at Berg+Schmidt, says: "As consumers become increasingly mindful of what is in their cosmetic products, we can help users and manufacturers alike to make an environmentally responsible choice for a highly effective end product. The new BergaMuls ET2, which is made from food by-products, is in line with a zero-waste policy, circular economy and sustainable approaches. Moreover, it is an anhydrous, vegan raw material, making it ideal for the environmentally conscious cosmetic formulations of tomorrow."

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